In stub
  1. A white Topman shirt with a photo of the Berlin Fernsehturm, which prodded someone in Greenwich Village to ask me where I’m from. In hindsight I wonder if it was a veiled question about race. This was 2012.
  2. A gray shirt from Bleach Catastrophe of a very faded monochrome photo of a winding staircase that somehow resembles a nautilus.
  3. A white shirt with a drawing of Google’s elongated search bar with two options as buttons: one says “Search”, the another “Destroy”.
  4. A gray shirt from David and Goliath that my wife told me she liked so much: it featured a disco ball with loud pink accents and darker grays in the background.
  5. An oversized crimson shirt from Heavy Rotation with 53 yellow chicks drawn on it, each of them individually drawn, strewn across the front of the shirt. One afternoon in college a friend dared ourselves to count the chicks, but somehow it gets confusing. Through the years it had discolored spots of bleach, effectively relegating it to a set of shirts I only wear when no one would see me.
  6. An extremely comfortable and faded cornflower blue shirt from David and Goliath that I bought in 2008 with a friend from high school, with an illustration of a washing machine-like contraption with attachments indicated with numbers, and in front were the words “I Got Hookups” in rounded font.
  7. A collared shirt from Topman with a pattern of tortilla yellow and black stripes that looked like a horrible optical illusion of a pedestrian crossing marking.
  8. A purple collared shirt I bought from Old Navy because I once wanted to own a stash of shirts that has every hue and color. The purple was unmistakably inspired by Barney the Dinosaur.
  9. A collared shirt with stripes that had earth colors: white, mud brown, moss green.
  10. A gray Abercrombie and Fitch shirt with thread-like stripes of white, in twos and threes, with handmade rips and stitches here and there to make it look macho?
  11. Another Bleach Catastrophe shirt, a faded brown-purple, that had the drawing of a face and plump lips stuffed with cotton embroidered on it.
  12. A faded black shirt from The Gap that features a big, foamy pint of beer, printed to look like it was from a ’70s poster. As far as I remember I lost it in a laundromat, and one day at the bus on my way to work I found someone crossing Junction wearing it.
  13. A black shirt that says “Manhattan”, with three letters in each row, so it was a block of text. It was the only shirt I bought from the MTV Store at Times Square in 2007.
  14. A white shirt from Out of Print with the print of Catcher in the Rye, with the horse and the orange-red background. It was at some point in my teenage life my favorite shirt.
  15. A red shirt from Urban Outfitters of The Strokes. I only wore it once and then lost it.

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