Music review: “Debold” by Vegyn

In tunes

It amazes me how electronic music – with its machine-generated sounds, its absence of lyrics and minimal use of vocals – can still evoke certain emotions, emotions as raw as any poem could summon. In “Debold”, Vegyn used found audio clips and samples – overheard voices (“I’m happy”), mumbles, chuckles, drones, phone calls (“Do I have to RSVP you sometime?”) – and then deftly layers them with glitchy tunes to intimate a feeling of nostalgia. The result is a head-bopping melody that boasts a narrative as dense as a lifetime – all in 2 minutes, 43 seconds. If everyone gets to choose a soundtrack the minute one dies, as in that very moment where one’s life flashes before one’s eyes, I would have this song – on loop, as long as it possibly can.

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