Lawn chairs

With all three of us at home now infected, we’ve eased down the rules and ate at each other’s plates and drank in each other’s mugs, as we used to be just a week ago. While my symptoms are gone and I can go through my day unsupported by ibuprofen and cough syrup, theirs lag a day behind, so they have that listlessness in the way they move around, and are embittered by their diminished sense of smell and taste. After watering the plants we watched the sunset – majestic hues of peaches and blues – from our lawn chairs. I lingered longer and reclined, staring at the sky, the clouds wispy, streams of it forming valleys upside-down, not unlike those you can see when snorkeling in El Nido, only instead of fish were bats and birds hovering, tossing around in the wind. Another difficult day.

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